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AC Heritage
Thu 27th April 2017
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AC Heritage

AC Cars. Its History. Part 1 1901-1958.

AC Cars are Britain’s oldest car manufactures and have the unique distinction of being in production since 1901. The AC name carries much prestige, international recognition and ranks alongside other major worldwide historic marques. This famous image was taken in 1925 with J.A Joyce 'piloting' the Lightweight AC Sprint Car at the summit of Test Hill at Brooklands. Joyce recorded a best time for the accent in just 7.75 secs!

J.A.Joyce 1925
AC Heritage
Weller & Portwine in 1923.

1901:  John Weller, an engineer backed by a wealthy tradesman called John Portwine set up a small engineering workshop in South London to build motor cars. The founders are pictures in 1921, John Weller (left) and John Portwine.

20 HP Weller Car 1903

1903: A two-cylinder 10 hp model & a four-cylinder 20hp model were displayed at the British Motor Show. Autocar reported on June 6th June “We see a brilliant future for the Weller designed car and its talented designer".

Early Auto Carrier

 1904: The firm, who at that time known as Autocar & Accessories Limited, produced a commercial vehicle known as the Auto Carrier. This was a 5.6 hp air cooled single cylinder tricycle built as a delivery vehicle, which proved highly successful.




1905: The Auto Carrier found great success, supplying machines to companies such as Dickens & Jones, Maple & Co and The Goodyear Tyre Co as a delivery van!

Alt_Image 6

1907: A passenger-carrying version of the Auto Carrier was made, known as the AC Sociable, its simple and practical design ensured its production until 1915. The abbreviation AC was used for the first time and in November a new company was formed, Auto Carriers Ltd; taking over Autocar & Accessories; however Weller and Porter continued as directors.

Auto Carrier Military use.

1910: 'Motor Cycling' August carried details of the Auto Carrier adapted for military needs. The 25th London Cycle Regiment was equipped with these vehicles. Maxim guns were mounted on special body work and other Auto Carriers were adapted ammunition transporters. Their special manoeuvrability had impressed the military authorities.

Weller's first light 10hp car.

1911:  Auto Carriers Ltd moved to larger premises known as the Ferry Works in Thames Ditton, Surrey. A short distance from the Brooklands Race Track in Weybridge, Surrey, Weller designed AC’s first production four wheel car.



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